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November 2007 Schedule
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No Cover! Open Jam every Thursday starting at 6 p.m. For more information, call 541-547-5459
Nov., 2,
9 p.m.


Positive reggae, hip-hop, and Dub from young Eugene outfit

Here's a band that is just starting out. But with originals like "Catholic Guilt," "Social Responsibility" and "War Junkies," it’s a not the kind of group you usually see. This is a fully urban trip, bringing the sounds of city to the edge of the world. Some come to Yachats to get away from this kind of stuff, but there are those who wish there was a lot more of it. Make up your mind as you dance the night away.


Nov. 3
9 p.m.


From the 50s and 60s, a retooled Eugene favorite

Here’s a veteran group with a new lineup, doing Rolling Stones, Ike & Tina Turner and the Yardbirds. There aren’t too many groups out there who specialiaze in the ancient times when the lunatics ran the asylum. But these guys tout themselves as being focused on songs "from the British Invasion to greasy soul to a smoldering pile of down and dirty blues."

Nov. 4,
4 p.m
Original Time!

For 5 1/2 years the Landmark has hosted the open jam -- bring your instrument or just your ears -- now returned to Sunday afternoons!

Catch a fire. With the sun setting over the beach, seals rolling in the river, and Gilbert lounging on the railing. Right here. Starting at 4 pm...

Nov. 9,
9 p.m.


Americana-infused blues from an Oregon original

The songwriter circle has taken a lot of years, but Beckman has made it all the way around. Starting in Portland, where he played in the high school band, then all aboard for Vietnam to fight for his country, then back to Humboldt County and on to Austin, he's now back in Portland, playing with his own band. Along the way he shared stages with such as B.B. King, Albert Collins, James Cotton, The Band, Emmylou Harris, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, and Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks.


Nov. 10,
9 p.m.

Groovy blues and rock with one of the Northwest's top bluesmasters

Accomplished singer, guitarist, bassist, songwriter, arranger, and band leader, Jerry Zybach does it all. Thirty some years into it, he's at the top of his game and just keeps growing as an artist. Classical voice training as a young man gives him a unique take on the songs he loves. He has a great ability to project emotion whether he's playing his  Gibson 135, his Harmony H50, his collection of resonators or acoustics, finger style and slide. He's ripped up the Landmark on several occasions and is one of the coast's favorite performers.


Nov. 16,
9 p.m.


A lot of Hendrix, plus reggae and funk, from Seattle...

Here's a Seattle-based cat whose music spans the world of diversity. He's an award winning member of the reggae band Eek-a-Mouse but for this show has his own band and his own style. He says he does a lot of Jimi Hendrix in his current gigs, but his musical background ranges across the boundries of Afro-Cuban, funk, hip-hop, reggae, rock, calypso and everything in between. BluMeadows says his music is best described as "consciousness" rock with a universal message. The music has taken him across the U.S., Europe and the Far East. He's performed with Parliament Funkadelic, Joe Higgs, Buddy Miles, Liquid Jesus, Branford Marsalis, Bruce Hornsby, Dave Lewis, Pete Depoe (Redbone), Don Carlos, Obo Addy, and Leon Hendrix to name but a few..


Nov. 17,
9 p.m.


Originals soaked in the blues tradition, from Ashland

For a couple of years now: Johnnie O. (John Nelson) from Chicago via Denver and L.A., and Grif (Leonard Griffie) from L.A. have laid out their brand of blues in the Northwest. The originals continue to grow, reflecting lives led and lives lived, away from big city. The result is a simmering and subtle tone that allows the big riffs to really stand out. Quiet is a note often overlooked in the hectic scene of a bar, but these guys don't let the quiet disappear, they use it for their own enjoyment -- and for ours.


Nov. 23,
9 p.m.


A combination of bluegrass, folk and experimental from Bend

This five-piece band started with a traditional bluegrass sound but has expanded into rock, jazz, and funk. Voted best band in Central Oregon in 2004, MMR has recently added former Taarka percussionist Dale Largent, who has moved the group into experimental waters. The rest of the Bend-based outfit includes Dan McClung slapping the double bass and blowing the harmonica, Jenny Harada sawing the fiddle, Joe Schulte chopping the mandolin and Matt Hyman on the guitar. The band is just starting to get out of the Bend area on tour following performances in festivals all over the High Desert region, opening for the David Grisman Quintet, Misty River, Jackstraw, and the McClosky Brother's Band.


Nov. 24,
9 p.m.


Evolutionary reggae with danceable originals and much-loved covers

Led by the musical and spiritual energy of veteran Rastafari players Jahfree-I and Sister Susannah here is another of Oregon's growing community of reggae bands. This is a large group, also featuring April Scott on vocals, Scott Valpey on drums, Trey Logstrethe on bass, Ras T on keys and Roger McConnell on guitar. Vibe Nation has played at Sam Bond's, John Henry's and other Eugene clubs and has opened for the Mighty Diamonds, Isreal Vibration and the Mediations. Welcome to the ocean!

Nov. 30,
9 p.m.


Classic rock covers and originals from red hot Eugene guitar band

Roger McConnell and his band Two Leg Lucy are growing with every gig. His covers are sharper and his spooky, evocative guitar originals are starting to move into a leading role. Roger has toiled in other bands for years and is now experiencing a breakout run that comes from getting out on your own.

At last -- pics from the The Landmark's 2007 Halloween Party!

Future Attractions
Looking Ahead!

Dec. 1
9 p.m.


Eugene veteran of the blues brings his band to the coast

T-Bone Stone has been playing music since he was 8, starting with the sax and moving to guitar and vocals. He has played blues fests all around the country including Chicago, Monterey, Sacramento, and the Mississippi Valley Fest. He has also appeared at Buddy Guy's in Chicago and B.B. King's in Los Angeles.


Dec. 22
9 p.m.


Alt country and pop, with that Americana feel, from Ashland

American roots music takes a step farther down its ever-evolving trail with this group from southern Oregon. Featuring  female vocals, thoughtful lyrics, and strong musicianship, the band takes it influences from people like Gillian Welch and James McMurtry. One Horse Shy's sound is the culmination of 100 years of roots music and 30 seconds of soul-searching, foot-stomping blues rock. With a passion for expressive songs like the satirical "California" to the thumping beat of "Honey in My Tea," One Horse Shy promises to enchant the listeners with unforgiving harmonies, artful songcrafting, and vivid lyrical imagery.


Jan. 26,
9 p.m.

Landmark Debut!

One of Eugene's best female vocalists bring soul to the Coast

Born and raised in Waco, Texas, Deb Cleveland  began to sing as a child in her Sunday School Southern Baptist gospel choir. Whenever Deb's mother cleaned house she would play the blues, exposing Deb to Bobby Blue Bland, Johnny Taylor, B.B. King, Jimmy Reed, and many others. Deb moved to Phoenix, at age six. She listened to everything from the gospel of the Mighty Clouds of Joy and Shirley Caesar to the rock of The Beatles and Jimi Hendrix. By 15, her mother thought Deb was incorrigible and sent her to live with relatives in Salem. Deb got pregnant, earned her GED, worked in a plywood mill, became a custodian and spent the next 10 years working various jobs and partying. In 1985, when in her 30s, she went to the University of Oregon for a degree in Human Services. She was encouraged to take a "fun" class and auditioned for the university gospel ensemble. To her surprise the instructor said she had potential. Until then Deb had never thought of herself as a singer. Within three years Deb was doing solos with the ensemble and joined a local band, Willie Dee and Shakabuku, and played congas and sang backup. Then one evening she sang lead for the first time and was amazed with the audience's response. Deb would occasionally sit in with The Vipers. Together they produced a CD featuring Deb that was released in early 2004. Included are songs by Ida Cox, Memphis Minnie, Big Maybelle, Mighty Joe Young, Albert Collins, and Muddy Waters, as well as an original tune by Deb that gives the CD its title: "Tickle My Toes."


At last -- pics from the The Landmark's 2007 Halloween Party!

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