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March 2008 Schedule

No Cover! Open Jam every Sunday starting at 4 p.m. For more information, call 541-547-5459
March 1
9 p.m


Jam rock, roots and fusion, healing the planet

This band pulled a reverse Kesey and drove a hippie bus across the Rockies to Eugene. The group started in 1992 in Missouri, originally known as Sojourn. It built a following playing at festivals, building a play list of original music written by Randy Probst. Eight years later, around the turn of the century, Randy, Heather Lamb, and Jake Killingsworth decided to move west. They had a number of adventures along the way, cruising across the country in their hippie bus named "Mom." They broke down in Eugene and decided to stay. There they met up with Sean Jackson and Ricky Cobain who joined the band that is now Jupiter Hollow. According to the group's My Space blurb this is a band that plays in a jamming rock fusion style, performing "music for music's sake. It's a crazy world we live in and our humanity is being chipped away at on a daily basis. Music allows us to convey our humanity across all cultural and linguistic barriers. With that in mind JH will play on and hopefully do our part in healing this planet." Heal on, brothers and sisters!


March 7
9 p.m.

W.C. Handy Nominee for Best Artist
$5 cover


Red-hot jump blues from Portland, will scorch your socks

The Insomniacs are one of the hottest bands on the West Coast. They walked all over the 2007 Muddy awards in Portland with six nominations and the prize for "Best Contemporary Act" for 2007. Now comes word the band has been nominated for a Blues Music  WC Handy award in the Best New Artist category for it's 2007 release, "Left Coast Blues." The word is that this band ignites a place with a groove layered with taste, soul, and an authentic style melded with a traditional blend of jump, blues and roots rock & roll. The band is fronted by 25-year-old Vyasa Dodson, one of the hot young players that are starting to emerge out of the Portland scene. These young players are taking blues to a new level and the Northwest is one of those places where young musicians can get a toe hold and start to dig some roots. We love having the young cats at the Landmark. This is a don't miss band.


March 8,
8 p.m.


From SRV to Hendrix - those rippin’ blues from the south

J.R. is the consummate blues guitar player who can recreate the sound of the tradition as well as anyone. Stevie Ray rewrote the Texas blues of the 40s and 50s into the high-flying guitar styles that last today. J.R. was there when Stevie Ray invented this stuff and J.R. brings it right into the Yachats living room for your listening pleasure.


March 14,
9 p.m.


Classic rock covers and originals from red hot Eugene guitar band

Roger McConnell and his band Two Leg Lucy are growing with every gig. His covers are sharper and his spooky, evocative guitar originals are starting to move into a leading role. Roger has toiled in other bands for years and is now experiencing a breakout run that comes from getting out on your own.


March 15,
9 p.m.


Old school blues from a newly energized group

This is a reformed version of a band that has knocked around for many years. A new CD and a new approach have injected new life and the band is playing more gigs and having more fun. It is led by a veteran of the Portland scene, Cordless Cliff Ashmon, a colleague of the late great Paul DeLay, who started as a Dixieland trumpet player but found his love in the harmonica. Ashmon has been around long enough to have opened for Louie Armstrong, Doc Severensen, Jr. Wells, Charlie Musselwhite, Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown, Tab Benoit, Roomful of Blues and many more. He has been a part of bands that won Muddy Awards in 1991 and 1996.


March 19
9 p.m.

Special National Attraction!

From Louisiana , rising star in the zydeco world, catch him on the way up

Curley Taylor has been around zydeco music all of his life. At 16, he started playing in his father's band, Jude Taylor & His Burning Flames and by 25, Curley had played with Steve Riley, John Hart, "Lil" Bob of the Lollipops, and his uncles, "Lil Buck" Senegal and Wayne "Blue" Burns. He traveled with the legendary Clifton Chenier, switched from drums to accordion and formed his new band. The Times of Acadiana  (Lafayette, La.) says: "Taylor may be the freshest zydeco act to come along since Beau Jocque. Instead of the usual nursery rhymes about dogs, donkeys, goats, and chickens, Taylor's lyrics tell stories and make sense. The tunes have a contemporary R&B and blues edge that can be enjoyed by someone two-stepping in Carencro or cruising along the Golden Gate Bridge."


March 21,
9 p.m.

From the Beatles to the present, hard-working indie rocke

The Dimes are getting a lot of good press these days from its new CD, featured in both The Oregonian and Willamette Week. A new audience has discovered the band and its indie rock. Lead singer Johnny Clay cut his licks in the Austin, Texas, club scene but is happy he made the move to Portland. He's loaded with new songs from a treasure trove of old newspapers found during a remodel. He enjoys both the facts and the emotion of these old stories. We wonder what the people involved would think.


March 22,
9 p.m.

Three-piece blues band brings in the R&B and funk from Portland

This group is the child of Ashbolt Stewart, a 35-year veteran drummer. Born in Detroit, Ash grew up in Milwaukee and in 1972 moved to California in a purple school bus, where he spent about 20 years gigging. Since leaving Sonoma County for Portland in the 90's, he worked with several local bands, coming to be the driving force behind the Norman Sylvester Band for ten years. His wife, Susie,plays electric bass and been writing some tunes, like "Hot Shot Blues." They are joined by guitarist Ken Brewer, fresh from a stint  in the Robbie Laws band, Hoodoo Nation.


March 28
9 p.m.

John Michael Young can play them all -- and does: funk, blues and rock

Some performers of the electric guitar stay outside the instrument; others, like the leader of Hookah Stew, go inside. John Michael Young formed this band 10 years ago and gave it a crash course of Cherry Poppin' Daddies, Aquarium Release and the Five Fingers of Funk. Some Stevie Wonder and a lot of Hendrix has rounded the sound in the past few years. The strength of this band grows the more it plays. And it has been playing more lately -- on its own after breaking out of the casino rut.


March 29,
9 p.m.

Positive reggae, hip-hop, and Dub from a pair of energized bands

This is a fully urban trip, bringing the sounds of the city to the edge of the world. The band has been growing more and more popular with the Landmark crowd, drawing a young group that likes to party as well as the reggae bunch that dances the night away. The vibe is all positive and the more this bunch plays together the better they get. For this gig T Club will be joined by Top Shelf, a Ukiah, Calif., rock-dub-jam band. These two groups will most certainly demand something from the crowd so be energized.


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Looking Ahead!
Future Attractions

April 26,
9 p.m.


Acoustic alt country, original and refreshing - from Port Angeles

The mix here is what might be called new time old time or maybe new legs for an old horse. The spirit is Appalachian with soulful American roots, and a lot of jam-band improvisation. Jason Mogi (banjo and vocals) and Kim Trenerry (guitar and vocals) are the originals in the group, he from California via the rock/jam scene, she from Georgia with a hill country background right out of a Carter family picnic. The newbie is Ches Ferguson, a Dead Head from the old days, now adding that bass line to the spry sharp harmonies. This band also brings a wealth of good cheer and energy from its base in Port Angeles, Wash. With a new member and a new CD ("This Old World") this new theme just keeps on keepin' on.