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June 2007 Schedule

No Cover! Open Jam every Thursday starting at 6 p.m. For more information, call 541-547-5459

June 1,
9 p.m.


Americana jam band in the “altered native” genre

The Deep Woods Band was formed in the winter of 1999 deep in the woods around Blodgett, Oregon, a where-in-the-hell kind of place where bands usually aren’t found at all. But here is one, listing influences like The Holy Modal Rounders, Mingus, and The Mugwumps, to which they add after seven years The Dead, String Cheese Incident, and Widespread Panic. This kind of thinking leads to set lists that can include "Season Of The Witch" and "Zip A Dee Doo Da." The band is made up of the gruff, blues-tinged vocals and guitar  of Bobby Shade, the Pixaelated Piano Players twisting on the keyboard, the harmonica of The Rev. A. J.Studly., drummer B.G. Shade and Issac Jones on bass.


June 2,
9 p.m.


From the Beatles to the present, hard-working indie rock

The Dimes are an up-and-coming band from Portland, masters of the indie rock style that lets the story be told without drowning in sound. Johnny Clay cut his licks in the Austin, Texas, club scene but is happy he made the move to Portland. He runs his band around the country seeking a full-time living from his music. He's close to making that happen. The dust hasn't settled on The Dimes.


June 3,
8 p.m.


Los Angeles jam band features funky grooves, seamless changes and driving rhythms

Comprised of James “Laker” Lake, Jason Rappaport and Perry Ostrin, Seismic formed in early 2004, finding each other the way most Angelinos find things—on Craigslist. Since, it has crafted a solid list of original songs, snowballing its catalog into the near three-digit region. The jam characteristics are all here -- rock, jazz, blues, country, funk, bluegrass -- running up and down the hills and valleys on waves of notes. Following the release of its first album, “Seismogenic,” in December 2004, Seismic toured the West Coast from Seattle to Phoenix throughout the summer and fall of 2005. The effort earned the  band a spot on Music Connection Magazine’s “Hot 100 Unsigned Artists” for 2005.


June 8,
9 p.m.


Coded for hot rocks

Here’s a guitar slinger of the rockin’ blues persuasion, now living in Astoria, born in Texas, with over 750 shows  under his belt. Bruce is in town, making his Landmark debut, backing up his latest CD "LIVE + 5,” a 12 original song live CD with an additional five studio tunes, backed by his band The Barcodes. Smith has released four CDs and has recorded original music soundtracks with his friend Tuck Neilson. Bruce and his previous band, The Rocks, won a regional southern Oregon Battle of the Bands.


June 9,
9 p.m.


Folk rock with a violin lead, from Portland

There is certainly something different about this bunch, even beyond the violin lead. The group does originals both haunting and buoyant and the covers span a variety of musical styles, including elements of rockabilly, klezmer, jazz and blues. Their original song, "Chill in the Air," is being described as unlike anything else heard today. Also notable is the band's landing a spot on Bob Dylan's Radio Show with a cover of his unforgettable "Mozambique."


June 15,
9 p.m.


Blues and rock from Portland veterans

Led by the vocals of Cher Pienicki, here is a group of veterans who play the blues in the rugged style of the Chicago clubs. The B-Sider's set lists are comprised largely of gems mined from the treasure trove found on the flip side of the 45 record. The band breaths new life into undiscovered, little known tunes, and Cher has a way of moving into an old song, making it a little gruffer than it once was, or taking it a notch higher. The band will include Kooch Kucera, an LA session player who can blow the blues harp.


June 16
9 p.m.


Blues and soul from John Pounds and his seven-string bass

Just back from his most recent sojourn in Jersey, Mr. Pounds and company will no doubt run through some of the best funk we hear in the Landmark. Tight doesn’t begin to describe the rippling soul of this band. Everybody in this group plays elsewhere, for a variety of Portland bands, but when they get together on our little stage, it’s a homecoming, a good feeling of security that lets the groove build.  And watch out for surprise guests, you never know.


June 17,
7 p.m

Singer and song writer who gives voice to the songs of nature and the spirit of shamanic visioning and healing

One of the Bay Area's best known folkies, Stevie's songs cleanse a room, making it feel fresher and closer to the cool ground. His connections in San Francisco include former band mate Country Joe McDonald. He plays all over the coast, from Mill Valley to Vancouver. His songs never fail to make everybody who listens a little lighter. Cast off your burdens!


June 22,
9 p.m.

Indie pop and rock from Eugene

What we can find out about this bunch has to do with the alt pop scene in Eugene and the growth of new bands of high energy, tight harmony, ripping rock riffs and fast change lyrics. This one is new to us, but there is another Jersey reference here, which makes some sense, wherein drummer Micky Fuchs, always honors the Garden State no matter where he plays or what exit he takes. Sassy Fuchs, the lead singer, is from Detroit, a fact that makes a difference when it comes to lead singers. Also the band includes bassman Joe Pettit, Jr.,  aka The Wave Generator, and Shawn Notdruft, he of a snazzy lead  guitar.


June 23,
9 p.m.

Rockin' blues from Corvallis veterans

This is a band that has been playing together for over a decade and it shows in the tightness of the covers and the quality of the originals. Jonathan Carroll is a New Yorker guitarist playing counter to David Bryant, who hails from Clarksdale, Mississippi. Somehow the mesh is no mess and out comes everything from Hendrix's "Little Wing" to Buddy Guy's "Heavy Love."


June 27,
8 p.m.

An almost country band from Brooklyn, New York

Out of the wilds of the scene in Williamsburg comes a band with a pedal steel guitar and a connection to Ryan Adams. Led by Kevin Large, from Asbury Park, N.J., this is an eastern band with twang, on the road up the coast. With Large, who plays guitar and sings will be Catherine Boutwell, vocals, David Ulrich, banjo, percussion, and vocals, Heather Cowan, bass, Bill Gross, guitar, and Chris Zasche pedal steel. In the fall of 2006, while recording backing vocals at Electric Lady Studios with Ryan Adams, Heather met Kevin at a coffee shop around the corner. The two began to record/produce new material and six months later will pop up in Yachats, Oregon. Magic.


June 29,
9 p.m.

Mike Riley brings in the blues from up the mountains

Riley is a consistent and generous blues player who has lived the life all his life. This band is 15 years old, a testament to the mellow style and the depth of appreciation its members have for the music. The blues lives because musicians live the blues. Mike is backed by Vegas and LA session harp player Kooch Kucera, with Young Pappy Boynton on bass and Bongo Bob Pettit on drums.


June 30,
9 p.m.

Rock and blues from Lincoln County, with the emphasis on Motown

The musical mix on the Oregon Coast in the recent past has never been long without a band or two that has included Rob Connell, Deane Bristow and Jan Kaplan. From the Bristones to Blue Nation these guys have persisted in putting forth a solid style of rocking blues that has set in motion many sets of Lincoln County feet. Now joined by vocalist Lisha Rose and drummer Tom Johnson, a new band has emerged and here makes it Landmark debut.


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Future Attractions

July 15,
9 p.m.

Special national attraction!

From deep in the Delta, the blues redefined

A native of Greenville, Mississippi, Thompson has kept in touch with the Delta through good times and bad. He had a fast start and was nominated in 1996 at the WC Handy, Blues Music Awards for "Best New Blues Artist" and "Contemporary Blues Album" with a Fat Possum Record release.  His career has taken several twists and turns since then and he finds himself 10 years later on the road, backing up a brand new CD on Electrofi Records that reestablished his soul blues guitar mastery and maturity as a songwriter and performer.