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April 2007 Schedule

No Cover! Open Jam every Thursday starting at 6 p.m. For more information, call 541-547-5459

Friday & Saturday,
Apr. 6 - 7,
9 p.m.


Originals soaked in the blues tradition, from Ashland

This group is the latest project of a couple of veterans: Johnnie O. (John Nelson) from Chicago via Denver and L.A., and Grif (Leonard Griffie) from L.A.. These two and their bandmates generally stay away from covers and while they have a blues sound, they have a unique sound, dare we say it... an original sound. They call it American roots music and they know what they are talking about. Go for it, guys!


Apr. 8,
8 p.m.


Singer and song writer.who gives voice to the songs of nature and the spirit of shamanic visioning and healing

One of the Bay Area's best known folkies, Stevie's songs cleanse a room, making it feel fresher and closer to the cool ground. His connections in San Francisco include former bandmate Country Joe McDonald. His songs never fail to make everybody who listens a little lighter. Cast off your burdens!


Apr. 13,
9 p.m.


Male/female vocal harmonies sung over driving, psychedelic guitar-driven rock

This Eugene five-piece strolled into the Landmark on a February night and lit the place up. It was one of those kismet things you've seen in the movies. No covers, no messing around between songs, just hard-ahead rock for 36 straight originals. Zak Johnston is all energy, ripping his lead guitar from the New York clubs of the late 1970s. Kyra Kelly fronts and harmonizes, playing with various props, a toy guy, Monopoly money, little flags. The three rhythm players back in on vocals as well as the beat and the whole thing comes out as one, reminding listeners of Blondie or the more current Daddy Warhols. Whatever it takes to make music the Dead Americans are alive with the magic. And don't settle for the just the live show, the CD "The Boy Who Shot Out the Sun" is just as solid as the performance.


Apr. 14,
9 p.m.


Blues in the Portland style by a group of young veterans

Here are four young veterans based in Portland who evoke the names of Bloomfield and Butterfield. Featuring Eric Hatcher on vocals, guitar and slide guitar and Larry Oxley on harp and vocals, the band was a hit at last summer's Waterfront Blues Festival and has played the leading Northwest blues venues. Drummer Cody Christopherson has kept time in country, metal and blues circles and is joined in the rhythm section by newcomer Rick Mazzotta, recently off the plane from Connecticut.


Apr. 20,
9 p.m.


Rising new jam band from Eugene, with a rockin' style

This five-piece band features a noticeable twang through its rock and jam groove. Its brand of alt country evokes the likes of Robert Earl Keen, Whiskeytown, Phish and Steely Dan. There is also an Americana sense about this band and here they conger up Lucinda Williams and Steve Earle. "WWJD?" and "A Thousand Children", songs from the Silas CD, are among the top song picks on Neil Young's web site.


Apr. 21,
9 p.m


Jam doodling in a fusion groove from a Portland experiment

Eric Bohne is back with the latest incarnation of a hard-working project in originality. His label is called Made to Sound Pro Records and he lists is band as E.B., Doe Eye, J. Mac and Just B. The audience can be identified as Dig N. It. During a finger snapping return to the Landmark a couple of months ago, the band managed to throw a spell over the crowd. Not your usual bar band.


Apr. 22,
8 p.m.


Hypno gypsy jazz heading for the cosmic side, with the Tillers

The classically-trained violinist meets the wild mandolin player from the West and voila -- the Tillers. The violin, Enion Pelta-Tiller, arrives via the Peabody Institute in Baltimore, New York City punk and jazz circles and a stint with the crown prince of Hungarian New Wave, Menyhart Jeno. David Tiller comes from the alt-pop scene, sharing stages with the likes of the Dave Matthews Band, Sheryl Crow, Ricki Lee Jones, and Blues Traveler. The pace with this bunch is breakneck and the quality of the music tops.  Recently relocated in Denver, the band stops by during a homecoming tour.


Apr. 27,
9 p.m

Classic rock from South Lincoln County

Out of the Steve Wheeler school of rock, a local trio with a range of covers. This configuration requires dancing shoes. Featuring Bill Wallace on guitar and vocals. And with a special guest (we hear.)


Apr. 28,
9 p.m

Blues and soul from a favorite Northwest songstress. With John Pound.

Kita tore the Landmark up a couple of years ago with her Koko Taylor-style renditions of blues classics. She went into a bit of a hiatus lately but is now back in full force, playing with her old band, the John Pound-led funk mainstay. Expect a few surprises in the new set lists and also expect plenty of cheers.


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Looking Ahead!
Future Attractions

May 6
8 p.m.


Guitar lieutenant for Buddy Guy now has five records of his own, Southern rock

Now based in Columbia, Tennessee, after a long run in Chicago, Holt has been on his own since 1999, so he is a little tired of being linked to Buddy Guy. With a string of exciting CDs, including the current "Revelator" Holt has long since moved out of the shadow of the legend. Holt is back to the Southern roots, evoking the Allmans and Lynard Skynard with a flying, smiling, slamming guitar style that seems always bent over backward with powerful, sympathetic licks.


May 20
8 p.m.

Special National Attraction!

The golden sounds of soul and blues from a life-long practitioner

On tour supporting a new release "Fire in the Feeling," Evans has twice wrapped the Landmark around his little finger. The band's previous release "Mississippi Magic" was nominated Best Soul Blues Album of the Year at the WC Handy Blues Music Awards 2002. The new release captures the soulful and gospel influenced vocal work that Terry is best known for. Evans and Bobby King released two recordings for Rounder Records in 1988 and 1990. He also has performed and recorded with Ry Cooder including a lead vocal roll in the movie soundtrack for Crossroads. "Fire in the Feeling\" marks the seventh solo record release for Terry since 1993. Feel the fire.