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May 2007 Schedule

No Cover! Open Jam every Thursday starting at 6 p.m. For more information, call 541-547-5459

May 4,
9 p.m.


Reggae from the heart - feel the love!

The drifting rhythms of reggae groove are hard to find in the land of the big trees, but they are there... or in this case, here. I-chele has put together a sensuous unit of sound and built it carefully over the years, never losing the spark. Vince Black adds that true Jamaican feel, songmate Julie provides the icing and a large and talented percussion section weaves that tropical balance. With Roger McConnell on guitar.


May 5,
9 p.m.

Landmark Debut!

Positive reggae, hip-hop, and Dub from young Eugene outfit

Here's a band that is just starting out. But with originals like "Catholic Guilt," "Social Responsibility" and "War Junkies," plus some recommendations from those in the know, we couldn't resist bringing them to the coast for their debut. And hey, it's Cinco de Mayo, so try something new.


May 6,
8 p.m.

Special National Attraction

Guitar lieutenant for Buddy Guy now has five records of his own, Southern rock

Now based in Columbia, Tennessee, after a long run in Chicago, Holt has been on his own since 1999, so he is a little tired of being linked to Buddy Guy. With a string of exciting CDs, including the current "Revelator" Holt has long since moved out of the shadow of the legend. Holt is back to the Southern roots, evoking the Allmans and Lynard Skynard with a flying, smiling, slamming guitar style that seems always bent over backward with powerful, sympathetic licks.


May 11,
9 p.m.


Alt rock and folk from a solid singer whose songs never stop developing

Shipe has a 200-plus original song repertoire, a decade of touring, radio airplay, and nine recording projects -- 27 Shipe tunes have played on 100 independent and commercial radio stations, without the support of a major record label. He does bands and he does solo. He does duo and he has reunions with his old touring band The Renagade Saints. We'll let you know if they reunite at the Landmark. For this gig he will probably be by himself, but you really never know until he rolls into town and takes off his shoes.


May 12,
9 p.m.


Classic rock covers and originals from red hot Eugene guitar band

Roger McConnell and his band Two Leg Lucy are growing with every gig. His covers are sharper and his spooky, evocative guitar originals are starting to move into a leading role. Roger has toiled in other bands for years and is now experiencing a breakout run that comes from getting out on your own. Do not miss this band -- it is on the way up.


Friday & Saturday,
May 18 & 19,
9 p.m.


Sizzling blues guitar from a young man on his way up

In the four years Jake Blair has played at the Landmark we've had the pleasure of watching the development of guitar sizzle at its cleanest. Jake is a juke box of things he's heard, things he's experienced and things he can spit back with his own slash and drive. He's settled into a new band, where distractions are few and the riffs just roll on. He's finally made it to age 21, still just starting out. The new band gives him more range, with some swing and bop thrown into the blues blender. Happy birthday, Jake!


May 23
8 p.m.

Special National Attraction!

The golden sounds of soul and blues from a life-long practitioner

On tour supporting a new release "Fire in the Feeling," Evans has twice wrapped the Landmark around his little finger. The band's previous release "Mississippi Magic" was nominated Best Soul Blues Album of the Year at the WC Handy Blues Music Awards 2002. The new release captures the soulful and gospel influenced vocal work that Terry is best known for. Evans and Bobby King released two recordings for Rounder Records in 1988 and 1990. He also has performed and recorded with Ry Cooder including a lead vocal roll in the movie soundtrack for Crossroads. "Fire in the Feeling" marks the seventh solo record release for Terry since 1993.


May 25,
9 p.m

High-energy blues from electric Chicago to Texas swing

Selfe, who until earlier this year was based in Roanoke, Va., has played over 1500 gigs in 15 states over the past 10 years, conquering a wide circle of East Coast venues. That was enough of that, however, and Selfe packed up his gear and moved to Portland, making an immediate splash at the Cascade Blues Association and starting to land local gigs. Here is a veteran player with something to prove. He's out to show the Northwest he has the chops to step up in the Portland scene. He's motivated and he's dedicated to the blues.


May 26,
9 p.m.

Rock and blues from a band with roots on the Oregon coast and New York

T. Ray and the Shades got a great shot in the arm this year with the addition of Matt Zekala, a guitar player from New York who learned his licks in the heady 1990s eastern jam atmosphere sparked by Blues Traveler. He provides a great counter-point to former South County resident T. Ray, the singer and shaker on the stage. And there is also Scott Johnston on the sax, transplanted from San Francisco. And pulling it all together is drummer Matt Murray, who grew up in Waldport.


May 27,
8 p.m.
Landmark Debut!

Bluegrass from Colorado, traditional and original

This is a folk string trio consisting of banjo, mandolin, and bass. Formed in 2002, the Holler! has performed mostly in northern Colorado, playing traditional instruments with a fresh original sound. The band met in North Carolina, where the tradition for this kind of music spreads up into the hills for 300 years. We don't have much true bluegrass in the Landmark, the jam bands have appropriated the style. But these guys sound like they are for real. Pick it up!


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Looking Ahead!
Future Attractions

June 9,
9 p.m.


Folk rock with a violin lead, from Portland

There is certainly something different about this bunch, even beyond the violin lead. The group does originals both haunting and buoyant and the covers span a variety of musical styles, including elements of rockabilly, klezmer, jazz and blues. Their original song, "Chill in the Air," is being described as unlike anything else heard today. Also notable is the band's landing a spot on Bob Dylan's Radio Show with a cover of his unforgettable "Mozambique."


July 15,
9 p.m.

Special national attraction!

From deep in the Delta, the blues redefined

A native of Greenville, Mississippi, Thompson has kept in touch with the Delta through good times and bad. He had a fast start and was nominated in 1996 at the WC Handy, Blues Music Awards for "Best New Blues Artist" and "Contemporary Blues Album" with a Fat Possum Record release.  His career has taken several twists and turns since then and he finds himself 10 years later on the road, backing up a brand new CD on Electrofi Records that reestablished his soul blues guitar mastery and maturity as a songwriter and performer.